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Each person has a different life story, so there is no "one-size-fits-all" solution to overcoming challenges. We will work together to find the best approach for you and your family.

Family Therapy

Do you feel disconnected from your family members? Do you wonder if you are parenting "the right way"? Does every conversation seem to devolve into conflict? If so, you aren't alone. Families everywhere struggle with these same issues. Fortunately, research has revealed tried and true ways to resolve conflict, parent effectively, and reconnect with loved ones.

Many therapists and self-help books focus on changing negative behaviors to solve family issues. While focusing on behavior may bring temporary relief, dysfunctional family patterns tend to continue unless the root of the issue is uncovered. Therefore, my focus in family therapy is to help you discover the emotional gaps between family members and build lasting bridges of understanding and empathy for each other. Through this process, you will learn how to repair emotional wounds and find happiness in family life. When family members reconnect emotionally, those negative behaviors resolve themselves.

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Family Counseling Anchor
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Couples Counseling

Just as the seasons change, so do romantic relationships. Pressures from outside your relationship, such as work, school, health, and parenting, can begin to break down the structure of the relationship you built while falling in love. In couples therapy, you will discover the cracks in your relationship foundation and learn the skills to repair them.


Using Gottman Method Therapy and Emotion Focused Therapy, I can help you learn to navigate conflict more effectively, rekindle romance, restore your friendship, heal from past hurts, and build a mutually satisfying future together.


If you are unsure whether you want your relationship to continue, then discernment counseling may be a better fit than traditional couples counseling. Typically lasting between one and five sessions, discernment counseling is designed to help couples who are on the brink of separation/divorce. Through this process you will be guided to mindfully make decisions about the future of your relationship. Discernment counseling finishes when you decide to (1) maintain the status quo, (2) pursue separation/divorce, or (3) attempt to reconcile and repair the relationship through six months of intensive couples therapy.

Couples Counseling

Individual Trauma Therapy

Do you struggle with feeling strong negative emotions, irritability and anger, guilt and shame, or poor self-image? Do you find yourself in failing relationships or reliving past experiences? These are all common reactions to trauma. If you are experiencing any combination of these, then you may benefit from trauma therapy.

Because your trauma is so deeply personal, you should be able to personalize your path to healing. To provide you with this experience, I offer several trauma-based therapy approaches, including EMDR, Prolonged Exposure Therapy, and Narrative Exposure Therapy. While different in how they resolve trauma, each will help you heal from past emotional wounds and move forward without fear and anxiety.

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Trauma Therapy
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